At Notts CYP we think great things should be shared, so we have created a page to shout about all the
wonderful things that have been said about us and our work.

Since the start of lockdown you were there and went above and beyond every day, my son would prepare for your zoom calls every time with a drink and a snack, as if he were going on a trip and it really gave him a sense of normality and an escape from the home – which helped to calm him massively and improve his spirits. The facebook activities, bingo and quizzes occupied our son giving him something to do and you encouraged him with pictures to go for walks and still get some time outside and exercise despite the pandemic. The goodie bags that you went out of your way to deliver only encouraged my son more to keep smiling. As soon as lockdown eased, you were there immediately on the front line providing our son with activities and giving him something to look forward to every day, and giving us a break at home.  I want to give a special mention to Lisa, Shannon and Rebecca for being especially proactive throughout. Lisa for noticing on social media when my son was feeling especially under the weather and just checking up on him and making sure he’s okay. I truly cannot thank you all enough for your hard work, you are all beyond amazing!

Kahgal Madhoush

Isaac started attending Monty Hind a couple of years ago. He went along on a Monday night to the youth club. Right from the onset, he was eager to go and after his first night at Monty’s he was keen to go back.

We remember he had not been attending long when we were invited along to watch Isaac in a performance, we were really pleased that Isaac had been given this opportunity to join in something like this. Fast forward a couple of years and we attended another similar performance. It was great to see how the young people had all grown in confidence and to see their friendships and how they supported one another. Isaac has made lots of friends at Monty Hind and has developed good relationships with the staff. He has enjoyed joining in with sports activities, drama, singing, especially karaoke. In his time, he has enjoyed a weekend away at Essex.

From September last year Isaac has been attending the Tuesday group. He absolutely loves it and would go everyday if he could. He has enjoyed his day trips out, exciting activities, developing life skills and being with his friends too.

Since lockdown Monty Hind have been a massive support at a time when Isaac’s world had come to a stop. Isaac loves life and is busy in life, so we have been extremely grateful for all the staff’s hard work. Monty Hind have had daily contact throughout with zoom chats and social distancing visits. They have set daily activities and challenges and really promoted the health and wellbeing of the young people. At an uncertain time when we did not know how Isaac would cope, Monty Hind have been brilliant.

As parents of a disabled son we will always be forever grateful for places like Monty Hind who have a heart to see young people develop in relationships. They are a lifeline for him despite him not being able to work.

We really appreciate all that you do!

Thank you!

Dean & Celia Woodford